20 December 2015
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Ski splendidly in Georgia - Hatsvali

Mestia  is a highland townlet  in northwest Georgia, at an elevation of 1,500 metres (4,921 feet) in the Caucasus Mountains. There is a young, but developing  ski resort here, named Hatsvali, with great infrastructure and  huge opportunities for freeriding and skiing.

Ropeway and slopes for skiing are located in 8 km from Mestia. You ccnaget there by a good paved road, which opened in 2010. The season runs from December or January to about early April. 542195_392736170812561_1553070181_n   Hatsvali is the first ski-resort in Svaneti, and it is a powder-mecca in disguise. The resort is northfacing, and it is located on a ridgeline just above Mestia. The treeskiing in Hatsvali is particularly good, and there are plenty of runs in the pine-forest, as well as open chutes and fields that provides excellent freeskiing. In addition there are great backcountry opportunities from the top of the lift, where you can follow the ridgeline and find your own backcountry-zone. DSC1797 maphatsvali (1) The resort has one chairlift that serves the three runs, and the vertical drop of the resort is 482 meters. At the top there is a restaurant where you can enjoy the view of Ushba, Tetnuldi and all the other magnificent mountains in Svaneti. snowboarding-1920-1080-wallpaper

Technical characteristics of the Hatsvali Resort:

Lower point (Hatsvali): 1865 m. Highest point (Zuruldi): 2347 m. The longest run: 2600 m. Elevation change: 482 m. Runs: 3 (chair lift1900 m, blue 2600 m and the run for the beginners 300 m). Lifts: 1 lift with quadruple-chairs Leitner (length 1462 m, lifting time 8-10 minutes, capacity 1000 pers/hr); 2 surface lifts with the length of 300-500 m). Working hours of the ropeway: 10.00 - 16.00 (till 18.00 in March-April). Duration of the season: December 25 – middle of April. Cost of ski-pass: - 15 GEL a day (around USD 9). Freeriding is possible. Forest is of average-possibility for experienced skiers and snowboarders.
15 August 2017

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10 August 2017

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24 July 2017

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11 May 2017

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05 April 2016

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08 March 2016

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06 March 2016

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20 December 2015

Ski splendidly in Georgia - Hatsvali

Mestia  is a highland townlet  in northwest Georgia, at an elevation of 1,500 metres (4,921 feet) ...

07 December 2015

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01 December 2015

Ski splendidly in Georgia - Bakuriani

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